Facts About Kiwanis

  • Kiwanis was organized in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on January 21, 1915.
  • Kiwanis focuses on the needs of ordinary people and children to create extraordinary life-changing moments.
  • Kiwanis and its Service Leadership Programs boast a membership of more than 600,000 men, women, and youth in nearly 16,000 clubs in more than 70 countries and geographic areas.
  • Members of Kiwanis and its Service Leadership Programs volunteer more than 21 million hours and invest more than $113 million in their communities around the world.
  • Kiwanis is taking itself from a good organization to a truly great organization that defines excellence for service and leadership and builds leaders through service opportunities.
  • Kiwanis International is the only service organization that builds leaders at every level—from the youngest Kiwanis Kids all the way through several youth programs and adult programs. (Kiwanis Family of Programs)
  • Kiwanis’ impact on the world will be measured by the 10 million young leaders it nurtures, rather than by the number of members it attracts.
  • Kiwanis continues its service emphasis of “Young Children: Priority One,” which focuses on the special needs of children from prenatal development to age 5. In a typical year, “Young Children: Priority One” service projects involve more than US$14 million and 1 million volunteer hours.
  • In 1994, Kiwanis launched its first Worldwide Service Project, a $75 million campaign in partnership with UNICEF to eliminate iodine deficiency disorders by the year 2000. IDD projects have been funded in 95 nations. Kiwanis International Foundation has raised nearly $100 million to eliminate IDD worldwide.
  • Kiwanis One Day occurs annually during the first weekend of April.  It is an opportunity to unite Kiwanis-family members from around the globe and their communities in a dedicated day of action devoted to hands-on community service projects

Kiwanis Club of Chesapeake History 1927 – 2018

The Kiwanis Club of Southside Norfolk, Virginia was initially chartered on November 25, 1927. The anniversary date of this Club is October 14, 1927. The Kiwanis Key Number is KO1698 and it is positioned in the Kiwanis Capitol District. In December of 1935 the name of the club was to South Norfolk Kiwanis Club. In 1963 the communities of South Norfolk and Norfolk County merged to form the City of Chesapeake. The Club’s name was then revised to reflect this event and remains today the Kiwanis Club of Chesapeake, Virginia. From 1927 to 1979 The Club was in Kiwanis District 16. During the 1979-80 term, this Division was reorganized into Divisions 16 and 21. The Kiwanis Club of Chesapeake was moved into the newly formed Division 21.

Kiwanis Club of Chesapeake Presidents


1927 J. C. Outland
1928 J. C. Outland
1929 Charles E. Johnson
1930 Joseph J. David
1931 William H. Darden
1932 Webster M. Townsend
1933 Dr. Z. Vance Jones
1934 Dr. R. A. Gay
1935 Dr. R. A. Gay
1936 Rev. David George
1937 John L. Sears
1938 Howard G. Privott
1939 C. Fairfield Whitley
1940 D. Straughn Mann
1941 W. B. Bawley
1942 Herman C. Phillips
1943 Clarence J. Sykes
1944 Guy R. Beale
1945 Malcolm H. Todd
1946 J. Gilmer Chamblin *
1947 Flagg P. Corner
1948 Pembroke Barlow, Jr. *
1949 Jerry G. Bray
1950 M. M. Gregory, Jr.
1951 John M. Crowder
1952 Frank Wood
1953 Harvey M. Williams
1954 Paul Kagey
1955 Harry Moore
1956 Nicholas Lefelar
1957 Raymond M. Morgan

1958 - 1988

1958 Harvey M. Williams
1959 Arnold Yates
1960 Daniel Lindsey, Jr.
1961 Ernest L. Sutton
1962 M. M. Gregory, Jr.
1963 Cameron L. Cantrell
1964 Edmond O. Thompson
1965 Jessie K. Holland
1966 Charles B. Cross, Jr.
1967 Robert W. Jones
1968 Reon G. Hillegass *
1969 Woodrow H. Baker
1969-70 Watson M. Allen
1970-71 Thomas E. Russ
1971-72 George F. Hoggard
1972-73 S. Howard Thrasher, Jr.
1973-74 Eugene P. Wadsworth
1974-75 Pete S. Ford, Jr. *
1975-76 Pete S. Ford, Jr. *
1976-77 L. Belmont Williams
1977-78 Fred V. Woodall *
1978-79 Charles K. Cox
1979-80 Richard L. Mcghee
1980-81 Larry L. Coley
1981-82 G. Paul Gates *
1982-83 Ray Marino
1983-84 John O’Keefe
1984-85 Robert Pryor
1985-86 Charles Hackworth *
1986-87 Barry Mathias
1987-88 Carlton Berry


1988-89 Berkley Gibbs
1989-90 Bill Cuthriell
1990-91 Richard Pippin
1991-92 Richard MacDonald
1992-93 Joe Harris *
1993-94 Joe Smith
1994-95 Jimmy Jackson
1995-96 Page Bagley
1996-97 Andy Callaham
1997-98 Steven M. Gilbert
1998-99 Douglas Glenn
1999-0 Marilyn Puryear
2000-01 Julie Anderson
2001-02 Richard Divers
2002-03 Randy Royal
2003-04 Lankford Smith *
2004-05 Linda Smith *
2005-06 Jeffrey Creekmore
2006-07 Brenda Smith
2007-08 Rick Gonzales *
2008-09 Byron Harrell
2009-10 Liz Gates
2010-11 Fred Hughes
2011-12 Berkley Gibbs
2012-13 Kim Henderson *
2013-14 Amy Roberston
2014-15 Amy Roberston
2015-16 Fred Hughes
2016-17 Richard Cox
2017-18 Stephanie Welke
2018-19 Courtney Stutzman
2019-20 Mike Amos

*(Lieutenant Governor)